Your Safety is our Priority

Welcome onboard Karnika, the safest holiday destination in the middle of the ocean. Jalesh is ready for the future of cruising and has adapted the ‘New Normal’ with the implementation of safety and health protocols for guests and crew members.


With our Healthy Waves initiative, we have implemented new health and safety standards for the safety of our guests.

We want you to stay healthy and cruise confidently with us. This November, as we get ready to sail to some of the most amazing destinations in India, your safety will be our priority.

· We’ve made it mandatory for all guests to produce health declarations and participate in temperature checks before boarding.

· An infrared fever screening system has been installed at the ship gangway.

· All our guests will be required to check-in online to receive a designated arrival time at the cruise terminal to maintain effective social distancing and minimize crowd congestion.

· Our guests of the age 70 years and above will be required to provide a ‘Fit for Travel’ certificated by a registered medical practitioner.

· Additional waiting areas have been designated for maintaining social distancing during cruise boarding and disembarkation.

· Our safety protocols are in compliance with all local port and health regulations.

· With sanitization processes in practice already, our staff has been trained to provide a seamless holiday experience with minimum contact. All our guest bedrooms along with linens and public areas are being sanitized and disinfected regularly. All entertainment and recreational facilities on board will be sanitized thoroughly before and after use.

· The increased levels of sanitization entail, cleaning of guest cabins and cabin alleys twice a day with hospital-grade disinfectants. Vacant guest cabins are fogged and disinfected regularly as well.

· All guest bathrooms are being disinfected with heavy-duty alkaline cleansers.

· Food items are being removed from the cabins to prevent spoilage and cultivation of microorganisms and bacteria.

· Drains and pipes are being cleaned with solutions and disinfectants Injection of diluted to prevent bacterial growth.

· All public areas onboard will undergo a two-tier sanitization process through cleansing, fogging and wiping with hospital-grade disinfectants.

· Onboard venues and cleaning frequency:
o Elevators: Every 2 hours
o Public areas and facilities: 2 – 10 times daily
o Spa and amenities: Min 2 times daily
o Other Public Areas: To adjust disinfection frequency accordingly

· The common public areas will be sanitized from 1-4 times every day and frequent touchpoints like handrails, lift buttons, table-tops, and door handles will be subject to hourly sterilization.

· Frequent usage of heavy-duty neutral PH floor-cleaning agent to disinfect all floor areas of the ship.

· Sanitizer dispensers are available at various public areas. Our crew members stationed at key onboard venues will provide hand sanitation.

· F&B restaurants/bar areas, including galleys, will be cleaned and sanitized 3 times a day, during and after service.

· Sanitizers and dispensers will be available for guests at the entrances and exits of all restaurants, bars, and outlets.

· Seating at the restaurants and all public areas will strictly adhere to social distancing norms. Disposable cutlery will be provided to guests on request.

· We have suspended the self-service facility at all our buffet restaurants. Food and beverages will be served to guests by crew members wearing face masks and disposable gloves.

· Culinary use of wild animals and related products are strictly prohibited.

· Stringent procurement guidelines are enforced, and we have prohibited product sourcing from regions that are highly affected by the pandemic.

• Theatres will be sanitized before and after each show; 3D glasses, if applicable will be disinfected before and after use.

• In all entertainment facilities for kids, toys, games and play areas will be disinfected twice a day and after use as well.

• We want you to shop without worries. All duty-free shops and entertainment venues will be disinfected twice daily before and after service.

• Recreational equipment will be disinfected every 2 hours
1. Guests capacity will be limited to half the venue capacity to provide ample space between guests.
2. Sanitizer dispensers will be readily available at various venues including entertainment venue entrances/exits.
3. Tour coaches will be limited to half capacity and sanitized frequently; all tour operators are trained on health protocols mandated by the World Health Organization.
4. Spa and Gym facilities will be sanitized prior to and after usage by guests.

· 100% external fresh air is filtered and supplied to cabins and onboard public areas.

· Air filters and cooling coils are being thoroughly checked, cleaned, and replaced to ensure healthy air quality.

· Karnika is now equipped with a 24×7 medical center and an isolation ward for emergencies.

· Contaminated items and medical waste will be properly sealed and disposed of according to health and safety guidelines.

· Used face masks and protective equipment will be disposed at designated central collection points.

· Medical equipment and waste bins cleaned, disinfected and washed twice daily with hospital-grade disinfectants.

· With their temperatures checked twice a day, our staff on board will follow all safety and health standards.

· As a part of our Healthy Waves initiative, all our crew members will wear special facemasks.

· Seating at the restaurants and all public areas will strictly adhere to social distancing norms. Disposable cutlery will be provided to guests on request.

· Housekeeping and F&B will wear disposable gloves.

· Designated crew members may also wear protective garments and eye protection if required.

· All crew to use anti-bacterial hand soap for at least 20 sec to sanitize hands.

· Medical Centre Isolation Area staff related to suspected cases are required to:
o Wear adequate personal protection - face mask, eye protection, disposable gloves & disposal outer garment
o Follow proper handwashing practices before and after work duty.
o Update personal health information daily.

We are providing regular training workshops and information on health and safety to our team. Our mission is to keep you safe and make your holiday special. Get ready for an unforgettable holiday destination in the middle of the ocean. There’s nothing more amazing than a cruise holiday. The ocean is calling; are you ready?


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