Jalesh Cruises


Jalesh Cruises, a brand of Jalesh Cruises Mauritius Ltd, is India’s first multi-destination cruise line that has the best of entertainment shows, adventure activities and exotic authentic cuisines packed with international hospitality on the high sea. The cruise is designed & customised especially for the Indian audience and also for the foreigners visiting India to experience the flavour of Indian culture, food & hospitality. We look beyond and always wish to take ‘Incredible India’ on a global platform by contributing to the growth of tourism and allied businesses. Welcome to Jalesh Cruises for a memorable vacation.


To curate memorable cruise holidays that bring joy and delight in the global community.


To pioneer cruise holidays in India and touch, delight & fulfil the lives of a million Indians and make them travel worldwide by the year 2025. Jalesh believes in upholding the spirit, culture & values of ‘Incredible India’ by contributing to the growth of tourism & allied businesses in India. The company not only believes in seeking organised growth but also delivers exceptional value to the customers & stakeholders.


  • Happiness
  • Fulfillment
  • Inclusiveness
  • Experiential
  • Innovation
  • Pride
  • Community


We at Zen Cruises Pvt. Ltd. take our environmental responsibilities very seriously and are committed to minimise our environmental impact.

We believe it is our duty to introduce environmental practices of high standards of excellence and responsibility to preserve the marine environment we operate in. To support our claim, we have developed an environmental management system with an aim to get it independently certified to ISO 14001 - the most widely recognised global standard for improving environmental performance.

We recognise that without appropriate treatment the waste generated onboard our ships, together with the fuel and other products we use to transport, feed, entertain and take care of you could have an impact on the environment. Our waste treatment facilities ensure that all wastewater is managed appropriately, the general waste onboard is treated to reduce its volume and recycled wherever possible.

We are reducing our air emissions through the implementation of fuel efficiency measures, including improved hull coatings, low energy lamps, increased recirculation of waste heat and improved efficiency in air conditioning, and we continue to explore new technologies. Through these measures and other initiatives, we will ensure to help preserve our environment for future generations.

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