Proudly modern and cosmopolitan, Abu Dhabi is the UAE's forward-thinking cultural heart where nothing stands still – except perhaps the herons in its mangroves. More than 200 islands lie within the reach of Abu Dhabi’s coastline, scattered across the Gulf beneath cloudless blue skies. From the Ferrari World to unforgettable Desert Safaris, Abu Dhabi tourism is flourishing.


You’ll miss something for a lifetime if you missed visiting the Ferrari World. This place is sure to give you an adrenaline rush. Abu Dhabi is filled with art, drenched in culture and has mind-blowing architectural marvels. Witness it all and have a lip-smacking lunch in Emirate Palace during your Abu Dhabi cruise. Enjoy your high tea at the magnificent Etihad Towers. Enjoy the Camel Safari at the world's largest uninterrupted sand mass, the Rub Al Khali, also called as the Empty Quarter. The tour also includes a visit to Sheikh Island, Al Ain (largest Oasis in the city) and to the unforgettable Desert Safari.

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