We at Jalesh Cruises Mauritius Limited take our environmental responsibilities very seriously and are committed to reducing our environmental impact.

We are dedicated to preserving the marine environment in which, we operate. Hence, we believe it is our duty to introduce environmental practices, which set a high standard of excellence and responsibility. To support our claim, we have developed an environmental management system with an aim to get it independently certified to ISO 14001, which is the most widely recognised global standard for improving environmental performance.

We recognise that without appropriate treatment the waste generated onboard our ships, together with the fuel and other products we use to transport, feed, entertain and take care of you could have an impact on the environment. Our waste treatment facilities ensure that all wastewater is appropriately managed to minimise its impact upon the oceans. All general waste is treated onboard to reduce its volume prior to landing ashore, and wherever possible general waste is recycled.

We are reducing our air emissions through the implementation of fuel efficiency measures, including improved hull coatings, low energy lamps, increased recirculation of waste heat and improved efficiency in air conditioning, and we continue to explore new technologies. Through these measures and other initiatives, Zen Cruises will ensure that we help preserve our environment for future generations.