Kids & Teenagers

Rest easy knowing that your children are having a blast with up-to-date content, specifically designed for kids. For our slightly older age group we have a dedicated curriculum that keeps them engaged with games, educational pieces and exploration designed to bring out their creative sides.


As kids get older we know that they want to be treated differently, which means that they need a little freedom and their own space. It’s the ultimate chill zone for young adults between the age group of 12-17 years to have the coolest holiday ever.


What do teens want? Independence. But, we know how to draw them in too. With dedicated events specifically for their age group, we will have them engaged with others their age and they might even admit that it was fun, too.

Adventurers and Scouts

Fun, activities and entertainment perfectly describes these two amazing zones for your little ones. Kids are always energetic, fun & full of life, and that’s exactly how this place is designed. We have an amazing range of offerings from arts & crafts area, scavenger hunts, jewellery making, air hockey, karaoke & lot more. A palace of fun filled with excitement & joy. Our experienced staffs will always be available for any assistance.All kids need to be fully potty trained, no diapers or pullups allowed in the facility.

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