Sri lanka

This beautiful emerald island in Asia found its popularity in modern travel culture through the intriguing combination of culture, nature, and spirituality. Endless caramel beaches, lush green tea plantations, rainforests, the mighty elephants, the iconic stupas and temples, and the colonial fortresses of Galle and Trincomalee make Sri Lanka one of the most preferred travel destinations of the world.


The capital city of Colombo combines modern and traditional ethos to reflect Sri Lanka’s past, present, and future vision. Colombo is undoubtedly Sri Lanka’s most colourful and vibrant city. The floating market of Pettah, seafood joints at Mount Lavina, and several museums and temples are popular tourist spots here. Colombo is also famous for its shopping areas. From local styles to international trends, Colombo shopping zones are a must-visit.


A UNESCO World Heritage Site today, Galle was built by the Dutch in the 17th century. Famous for the iconic fort, water sport activities, and amazing Sri Lankan food, Galle is a beautiful beach town on the southern coast of the island. Cafes, boutique restaurants, and local seafood joints are very popular with tourists. The influence of Dutch culture can be very eminently seen in the architectural brilliance of Galle.


On the eastern coast of Sri Lanka lies the beautiful port city of Trincomalee. This gorgeous destination is loved by tourists from around the world for its beaches, and excursions like the whale and dolphin watching tour. Sri Lanka’s famous Pigeon Island National Park is just a kilometer away from Trincomalee’s beautiful beach, Nilaveli. Scuba diving is also a very popular activity here.


Whether you’re a foodie, a culture-buff, shopaholic or an adventure enthusiast, there’s a Sri Lanka for everyone. When in Sri Lanka, the underwater marine life must be experienced along with other water sport activities. Whale and dolphin watching tours are popular excursions. There are several places in Sri Lanka that are visited by tourists for their historical and mythological relevance. If sightseeing and activities don’t interest you, the beautiful beaches offer plenty of bliss to relax and unwind.


Sri Lanka has embraced diversity with perfection. The culture and lifestyle have colonial and local reflections with interesting narratives and beliefs. Every month, Sri Lanka strictly observes a public holiday during the full moon. Buddhism is followed by most of the locals here. Simplicity is the core of Sri Lankan values. Life in Sri Lanka is simple and pure!


Food is perhaps a good enough reason to travel to Sri Lanka. The gastronomy of this land is ruled by rich spices and curries. Sambal, the steaming hot broth made of vegetables and authentic spices is a popular dish and best combined with steamed rice. Kottu Roti and Dhal curry are divine dishes and must be tried. The world’s fourth-largest tea-producing nation, Sri Lanka has some divine tea blends. If you love black tea, you haven’t tried the silver tea.

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